Want 7 genius ideas to maximize takeout sales? ⬆️ This video is for you.

➕ In this video, you’ll hear REAL STORIES from REAL RESTAURANTS that failed or succeeded based on these strategies.

👋 Here’s some of what you’ll learn in the video:

1️⃣ First, I’ll reveal how one restaurant 3x their typical sales on the 2nd busiest holiday of the year.
2️⃣ Next, I’ll share how to give back to your community on this one holiday profitably.
3️⃣ After that, we’ll find out one of the best promotions to run on the busiest delivery day of the year.
4️⃣ From there, learn why dessert is such a sweet deal for customers this time of year.
5️⃣ Then, I’ll tell you the most powerful word in marketing to use for this holiday.
6️⃣ Additionally, see how change can be a great thing for your restaurant around this holiday.
7️⃣ Finally, discover the #1 holiday you should be running a promotion for and what to do.

⚡These 7 promotions will save costly mistakes through trial-and-error with proven strategies backed by data.

😊 This video will help you maximize revenue for your restaurant and avoid leaving money on the table for some the busiest days of the year.

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