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Free Debt Negotiation Letter [Sample]
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Sample Request Letter for Vacation


Manager’s Name
Manager’s Title
Name of Business

RE: Vacation request [DATE] – [DATE] 

Dear [Name of Manager],

I would like to request vacation for [DATE – DATE]. It has been nearly 5 years since I have had a family vacation. 

I wish to use some of my vacation hours for some much needed family time. Currently, I have 125 vacation hours and want to use 40 of them.

At the current time, all of my work is completed. I will also make sure that all pending work will be completed in advance before I leave for this trip. I will ensure that whoever fills in for me in my absence will not have much to do.

As you know, I am a hard worker and put more than 60 hours a week. A good way to keep refreshed and not to burn out is to have a vacation once in a while. 

I feel I am long overdue. I have put a trip on hold several times for company demands. I would like to have some time to spend with my family.

I have filled out the official company Vacation Request Form and have attached it for your review. Please respond to me in writing so that I may schedule my trip.


Your Name
List of enclosures

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