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Paws for a moment | RingCentral
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Paws for a moment | RingCentral | #customersupport #supporticket


  • National Dog Day is August 26, 2022 in the U.S. (but feel free to celebrate wherever you are.)
  • 89% of employees in pet-friendly workplaces feel their company supports their mental well-being. 

Pets = good. It’s science. 

In possibly the most obvious conclusion in scientific history, research from the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) shows pets can improve our mood, decrease stress, and provide social support, among other benefits. Between the increase of work from home and pet-friendly offices, people everywhere are getting more benefits than ever from their pets. 

Dogs@RingCentral, an RChat group that’s good for your well-being.

You may already know the Dogs@RingCentral RChat group. It’s one of our most popular groups, has lovable photos of adorable pets, and according to the research above, is probably good for your health and well-being. If you are not in the group – sign up, it’ll almost certainly improve your day (unless you’re a cat). Care for some examples? We’re glad you asked, let’s meet a few of the pets who make life both in-and-outside the office a little brighter.  

CharlieBoots, Head of Snuggle Development / Labrador Retriever  – 6 years old

“Mom. Remind me who’s a good boy again?”


“I have been working from home ever since we got CharlieBoots – he snuggles under the desk in the morning and helps get me up from the desk when he needs a treat or a walk or another snuggle!”

 – Nancy Banner / Critical Accounts Program / Denver

Reggie, Chew Toy Researcher / French Bulldog  – 2 years old

“Oi, you up for a walk, mate?”


“Reggie is great fun and it’s been great having him around the house when working from home. It really helps set me up for the day when we get out for a walk before work!”

– Mark Bean, Channel Manager, Global Service Providers – Halifax, UK

Archie, Chief Barketing Officer / Mixed Breed  – 2 years old

“I did not order that case of chew toys, and I resent the implication.”


“Every morning in the office starts with Archie shaking uncontrollably out of excitement to say hi to everyone in the office. It’s a treat to have him sitting on my lap all day. If Zach and Zak ever need a sidekick, Archie is available!”

– Tom Howells, Director of Demand Generation — Belmont, CA

Unleashing productivity

We could drop statistics on you all day— like the fact that 88% of employees in pet-friendly plus offices say they plan to stay for at least 12 months vs. just 73% in non pet-friendly offices. But really, do we need an excuse to visit? We do not. Whether you’re in the office or WFH this week, give a little extra love to the pets that make work a better place to be.  (And if you want your pet featured the next time we do one of these, let us know!)

Originally published Aug 03, 2022

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