We are excited to announce that we have expanded our Device-As-A-Service (DaaS) portfolio to give our customers the ability to deploy more types of hardware for a low monthly cost rather than requiring the actual purchase of costly hardware. 

Phones are now part of our Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) portfolio 

In Nov 2022, RingCentral pioneered the idea of offering communications hardware as a service. Whether you are using a headset for your new contact center subscriptions or need RingCentral Rooms video hardware, RingCentral started offering customers the choice to procure industry leading headsets and conference rooms hardware as a subscription service. 

Today, we are expanding our DaaS portfolio to include Phone Hardware. Whether you call it Hardware-As-A-Service (HaaS), Device-As-A-Service(DaaS) or any other moniker, the idea is simple – Enjoy RingCentral certified desk and conference phones at a budget friendly subscription service. Device support is included in the plan.

Why DaaS?

benefits of device as a service (daas)

DaaS is a popular choice for forward-thinking businesses for a number of additional reasons.

There are obvious benefits (think Opex over Capex) of DaaS phones vs one-time purchase.

But, why are RingCentral customers choosing DaaS Phones over rental phones. 

  • Firstly, DaaS Customers are eligible for hardware upgrade after 18 months. No questions asked.
  • Next, RingCentral manages the fulfillment end-to-end, we manage phone servicing, recovery of inoperable phones and super easy access to upgrade
  • And on top of that DaaS pricing is 10-15% lower that rentals

OK, so now that we have you covered the “Why DaaS”, lets talk about the value of desk phones when using RingCentral MVP

 Why desk phones for RingCentral MVP?

Using desk phones with RingCentral can provide you with key advantages like

  1. Functionality: You can use the keypad and dedicated buttons of desk phones to direct and manage calls, such as hold, transfer, mute, and speaker phone. You can also access RingCentral features such as flip, park, and call record. You can also use the head-up display (HUD) feature to monitor the status and availability of your colleagues and manage multiple calls at once.
  2. Flexibility: You can use the hot desking feature to log in to a shared RingCentral desk phone and use it like your own, with access to your personal extension, saved settings, voicemail, and more. This is useful for remote workers, co-working spaces, or shared offices.
  3. Reliability: You can enjoy high-quality VoIP calls from your desk phone with a stable internet connection and a power supply. You can also use your desk phone as a backup device in case your computer or mobile device is not available or has low battery.
  4. Ease of Use: With Yealink & Poly desk phones with color touch screens, you can enjoy a clear and intuitive display of your phone’s settings, contacts, call history, and more. You can also use the touchscreens to access RingCentral features such as video conferencing, team messaging, and online meetings.

DaaS phones available from RingCentral

Here’s the full breakdown of industry leading phones that we are launching as part of our DaaS portfolio:

Phone Model Overview  DaaS Monthly Price
Poly VVX 250 Desk Phone,  2.8” color display $6.50
Poly VVX 350 Desk Phone, 3.5” color display $8.00
Poly VVX 450 Desk Phone, 4.3” color display $9.50
Yealink T33G Desk Phone, 2.4” color display $4.00
Yealink T43U  Desk Phone, 3.7” display $5.50
Yealink T46U Desk Phone, 4.3” color display $7.50
Yealink T48U Desk Phone, 4.3” color touch screen $10.50
Yealink T53W Desk Phone, 3.7” display $7.00
Yealink T54W Desk Phone, 4.3” color display $8.50
Yealink T57W Desk Phone, 7” color touch screen $12.00
Yealink W76P Cordless Phone, 2.4” color screen $6.50
Poly Edge E220 Desk Phone, 2.8” color screen $5.50
Poly Edge E320 Desk Phone, 3.5” color screen $8.50
Poly Edge E350 Desk Phone, 3.5” color screen $9.50
Poly Edge E450 Desk Phone, 3.5” & 2.5” color screen $12.00
Poly Edge E550 Desk Phone, 5” color screen $13.50
Poly CCX400 Desk Phone, 5” color screen $13.00
Poly CCX500 Desk Phone, 5” color screen $17.00
Poly CCX600 Desk Phone, 7” color screen $22.50
Poly CCX 700 Desk Phone, 7” color screen $26.50
Poly Trio 8300 Conference Phone, 3.5” screen $21.00
Poly Trio C60 Conference Phone, 5” color screen $43.00
Poly Rove 30 DECT IP Phone, 2.4” color screen $25.00
Poly Rove 40 DECT IP Phone, 2.4” color screen $30.00
Yealink W79P DECT  DECT IP Phone, 1.8” color screen $11.00
Yealink CP965  Conference Phone, 5” color screen $30.00
Yealink CP925 Conference Phone, 4” color screen $21.50

RingCentral DaaS is currently available to US customers only, but international customers will soon be able to enjoy it as well.

To learn more about RingCentral DaaS and how it can help your business, visit RingCentral today.

Originally published Aug 21, 2023

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